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PRIOR to investing in real estate, consult FINANCIAL TAX and MORTGAGE PROFESSIONALS
in  order to determine the
suitability of real estate for your
investment needs.

Residential / Vacation
Golf Course Properties


Investment Properties
  »  Serving Arizona
      (greater Phoenix area)
  »  We do the leg-work before
      you arrive
  »  Serving Arizona
      (greater Phoenix area)

  »  If what you want is available ...
      ... we'll find it!
  »  We have a wide range of resources
      to help you in your move
  »  Equity Purchases, Long term holds,

  »  If you're selling your home,
      nobody will try harder for you!
  »  We don't like surprises ...
       ... so we won't create any for you!
  »  If what you want is available ...
      ... we'll find it!
About Us

All of our T2G locations are staffed and run by Realtors®.  So … what does that mean for you?


It means that we will put your interests first … even if it means losing your business to another agency by doing so.  It also means that our agents operate under a strict code of ethics (established by the Association of Realtors®), and strive to maintain the highest professional standards.

Our Mission Statement

Tee 2 Green Real Estate, LLC was formed with the intent that we will provide to all with whom we interact the utmost in value.

In order to achieve this goal we will treat everyone, whether they be a Member of the LLC, independent contractor, employee, vendor, consumer, customer, client or otherwise, in a considerate, ethical,
respectful, professional and, above all, lawful manner.

It is our belief that, in doing so, we will best serve the needs of our company, and the public in general.

Our Goal
At T2G our goal is to provide excellent service such that our reputation allows our company to expand and grow.